Perform Multiple Searches Queries On Google Easily With MultiG®®Q

MultiG®®Q is nice small 32 KB freeware program which lets you perform multiple search queries on google search simply by creating a page that stores all the long or short queries which you don’t need to type again and again in google. We had written some related tips like how to force google search results to open in a new tab, use google search through sms and free google search app for iphone


This application really saves good amount of time if you are supposed to do multiple searches on google, and you just need a single click to carry out the search query on google so it saves extra keys clicks and time both.

Moreover this application allows you to add extra strings with your search queries and you can choose to strip out all the numbers from your search queries. Here is how it looks like when you click the button Generate Google Search page on the application. [ as shown in the image below ]


Download MultiG®®Q [ Portable ]

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