PC On/Off Lets You Find Out For What Time Your Computer Was On

Have you gone through a situation where you forgot to switch off your computer and left it running for a longer period of time then the required time? Some of the computer users don’t even turn off their computer even when they are not using it, which often results in damaging the components such as battery and sometimes even the whole system. Although, if there is a need such as in case of servers where you can’t afford to switch off the system even for a single minute as it may result in great damage and loss. For this, additional servers are provided in order to share the load among them. In such cases, it becomes necessary to check the time a system’s uptime in order to calculate the load that the system is facing which may help in various analysis and may act as a further input for various other important calculations. So, we can say that in many cases in may prove to be worth checking out if any of your systems or even the servers are running for more than their designated time.

PC On/Off is a basically a simple, easy to use, useful and a portable application that may serve the above mentioned purpose and may help you even in the above mentioned scenario. This utility graphically displays the time a computer has been in use for the past 3 weeks, which may prove to be a very important information in many cases. One of the advantages or we can say that the best thing about this particular application is that it does not perform any registry tweaks or any such entries, and along with this it does not require initiating logging which makes it a light weight and a useful tool. It simply displays the operational hours for a particular computer on which it is running and that too with a simple graphical overview. In simpler terms we can say that it gives you complete information about the times at which the computer was turn on or off. Along with the above mentioned feature it also allows you to connect a network computer, and create a report of the operational hours of that particular computer in a network.


You may easily install the utility from the link given below and after installing it in your computer you may observe that it gives you information as a chart that is displayed. You may see a grey fade-out which indicates that the computer switched into standby mode, whereas, on the other hand it displays a red bar indicating that the computer was shut down unexpectedly (Windows event ID: 6008), followed by a reboot.

So, just download the utility and explore its feature by trying on your own. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Download PC On/Off

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