PatchMate XP – Update Windows XP With The Latest Hotfixes With Minimum User Involvement

PatchMate XP is a FREE program which lets you update and applies the latest security updates to your windows xp professional operating system with no user intervention. It can automatically download and applies the latest security fixes or hot fixes released by microsoft 


It will get installed on a computer with in minimum of 5 minutes depending on the computer system configuration. More importantly it does not require any user input to apply the latest security hot fixes but does it very automatically. There can be many situations when you will see how PatchMate XP can be a lifesaver.

This program saves you from the heck of updating or protecting your windows with security hot fixes released from microsoft. PatchMate can save you hours and time get wasted in continuous patching and rebooting due to slow internet connection

Download PatchMate XP (size approx 496 MB)


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