Password To Open, View Files, Folders or Documents

Even having the password on our computer system, we want some documents or folder that should be kept secret and no one will be able to access that. But the problem is how?

Now the answer is, with the help of My Lockbox. Now with few clicks we will be able to protect our documents i.e. we will be able to lock our documents with a password which is own to user only.

It is quite small in size, easy-to-use software. My Lockbox simply hides a folder and all its contents from view. The program protects a single folder whose size is limited only by the space available on your hard drive. You can simply drop files into the protected folder.

It is easy to install and during the installation we have to set the password. In setting the password keep in mind that choose the password which you will be able to memorize easily. After installation, a destination folder is chosen to be locked, and a password must be given, along with a reminder question. It’s then necessary to restart Windows. Once done, there is a My Lockbox icon, which when double clicked prompts you for the password, which in turn gives access to the destination folder.

Screenshot Studio capture #011

Adding files to your locked folder is the same as with any folder, but when you ‘lock’ it, it will disappear. The locked folder is only visible when My Lockbox is open and unlocked.

The security provided by the application is up to certain limit as the application is not encrypting the files. Encryption is basically a technique of converting the plain text into cipher text. Hence the security provided by this software is limited to hiding the information from the other user so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized user.

There are many utilities like this but the problem is that these utilities protect the folder but the folder is visible to other users on the system, but with this utility the folder which we want to protect gets hidden so that no one will able to find it. Just delete the shortcut from the start menu ad now your folder is protected and with these easy steps you can kept your secret documents with you.

Whenever you click on the shortcut then the password window will get open and after entering the correct password the utility window gets opened through which you can lock or unlock your secret folders or information easily.

You can perform quick actions using the tray icon. Open the lockbox protected folder, write the password to unlock it, and then drop the files that you need to hide. Through Control Panel you can change a number of basic settings such as: lockbox location, protection status, password, name and other options.

Through this window you can easily add the folder under the lock to protect the secret documents…

So this utility is a boon to provide the confidentiality to the documents which we want to kept secret.

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