Outlook: Get Alert Message To Attach A File Before Sending Mail

Now a days when I am a fresher, it is really tedious for me to deal with the official mail specially when it comes to attach anything on your mail because most of the time it happen that I need to attach an excel sheet in my mail but I forget to do so in spite of mentioning its detail in the mail. Today we will discuss about a plugin for Microsoft Outlook named as Outlook Attachment reminder which will help you in getting reminded about any of the attachment which your mail might have missed.

Attachment Reminder

If you have been working on GMail regularly then you must have observed that once you include any word like attachment or attached in your mail and then if you send that mail without attaching anything then GMail prompts you regarding any attachment for the mail, this freeware or this plugin for Microsoft Outlook will do the same by reminding of any attachment for your mail by scanning the text written in your mail body.


It can be installed quite easily and after getting installed you will have to click the tab as mentioned in the snapshot above. We have also posted a video with the help of which you will get a complete idea regarding the usage of this simple tool. Initially once you click that settings button you will see all the pre-defined text for which the tool will be scanning your e-mail body. You can also some of the new words by clicking the new option as mentioned in the snapshot. You can add some new words as per the way you write that mail.


This tool will scan your e-mail main body for this text available in the freeware and then if you have not attached any attachment despite of writing that in e-mail body, it will not let your mail to be sent instead it will prompt you to attach an attachment, thus saving you from getting screwed by your seniors. The size of this tool is around 700 Kb and it has a simple interface to work on. This has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition windows and it worked fine. Please let us know if you face any issue related to this tool.

Download Outlook Attachment Reminder

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