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Now a days almost all of us use Microsoft Office for accessing our mails at work as well as at our homes. But many times Outlook encounters problems, if it is related to the .PST file, Microsoft Outlook has an tool built inside it known as the Inbox Repair tool. The tool will let you recover all your personal data from the corrupted the .PST files. But if you face any other problem in your Microsoft Outlook you can use the tool named OLFix to fix all of those problems.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 1

This is the first window that will open after you will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software doesn’t require installation it runs straight away. The software gives you many options to fix the errors that you are getting with outlook. The toolbar has two options i.e. OLFix, Service.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 4

The screenshot above shows you the OLFix menu options such has Repair Profiles, Repair Links, Delete Search Folders etc. .

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 5

The above image shown you the Service menu options like Secret Options, Change Message Classes, Find Duplicates etc. .

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 2

When we click the Repair Profiles button the above window opens up that lets you repair the profiles after you select the one you want to from the drop down.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 3

When you will click on the Manage Reminder Folders, the above window will open that will help you to set reminders in the subfolders as well, instead of the default options given to you by outlook such as Inbox, Contacts, Tasks and Calendar.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 6

The above window will pop up when you will click on the Repair Contact Links button. You will be able to repair the contact links in this window after you select the the Data File in which you will like to repair the Contact Links.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 7

The above window will open when you will click on the button Call Outlook With Options. It gives you various options that can be applied to Microsoft Outlook before starting it.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 8

The above window option open up when we click on the Call SCANPST button. It is used to recover the data from the outlook PST file to a desired location.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 9

The above windows pops open when you click on the Change Message Classes button. You can change the Message Classes of the various folders in it.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur 10

When we click on the Find Duplicates button the above window opens up. We get a drop down to select the Data File to find duplicates.

OLFix Outlook-Reperatur.exe 4

The above window will open when you will click on the Delete Search Folders button. It gives you a drop down to select the Data File after which the required task can be performed.

There is one more software that can be used to repair the Outlook PST file named Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.

Download OLFix.

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