Outlook Add on To Import All Gmail Contacts

If you use Microsoft Outlook to access your mails and you have an address book in your  Microsoft Outlook 2010. You probably must be having some your email accounts including Gmail account and there might be many contacts in your Gmail Account which are not accessible in your Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have an add-in for you which can help you keep your two address books the one of Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Gmail account synchronized.

Outlook4Gmail 1

The first step is to download and install the add-in for Outlook4Gmail, the link for which will be provided later. Now first of all open your Microsoft Outlook 2010 and go to the File Tab.

Outlook4Gmail 2

After you go to the File Tab and click on it the above window opens up. Now in the following options go to the Options sub menu.

In the options sub menu go to the Add Ins Menu as from here only the the settings of Outlook4Gmail Add-in will be available for modification.

Outlook4Gmail 4

Now once you go in the Add-Ins Menu select the Add-in from the list as we can see that Outlook4Gmail is also there in the list. So we will have to select Outlook4Gmail Add-In and click to the button at the top that says Add-in Options.

Outlook4Gmail 5

In the Add-in Options Click on the Add New button to add new Gmail Email accounts you can add as many Gmail accounts as you want with their passwords and simultaneously all these accounts can be synchronized  with the address book of Microsoft Outlook 2010. You can select either one or more than one Gmail accounts that have to synchronized with outlook.  The synchronization can also be a one way synchronization  or a two way synchronization and rules can be defined for same contact names.

Outlook4Gmail 6

This last option has the various options which can be customized for one’s need’s. For Identical contacts there are three options you can choose any option depending upon the requirement you have.  You also have an option to delete the items from the destination folder. Synchronization can also be set on the basis of total no of Gmail accounts used for synchronization which can be ‘from one account to many accounts’, ‘from many accounts to one account’ and from ‘many accounts to many accounts’. Synchronization is done for both main and the additional properties of the contacts. Logs are created for the Synchronization or update process.

Download Outlook4Gmail.

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