Organize All Emails In Gmail Automatically In Different Labels

In this post I will be telling you about a web application which is very much useful in grouping your mails under different category. Recently Google launched its own filter known as Priority Inbox, which takes care of all the important mails which we generally want to read first among all the unread mails. But the web application which I will be reviewing today will categorize your mails by providing different labels to the mails which fall under Shopping, entertainment, Home, User groups and many other categories and the name of this tool is Other Inbox.

Now let me make it clear that why this web application service is useful even when you are having a filter service known as Priority Inbox. Undoubtedly, this filter is very much helpful for managing the mails, but it has a shortcoming that it only take care of all the incoming mails and does not do anything with lots and lots of mails which are already kept in your mail box but Other Inbox will take care of them.


Other Inbox will categorize all the mails in your inbox whether they are read or unread. You will just have to enter your e-mail address and then you will have to log into your account from the redirected link of the web service. That’s it!!! After that you will see that many categories have been added into your account and the mils which were already there in the mailbox are added into those labels.


In the above snapshot you can see the change in the inbox account when you will use this web application. When you will login to your account using this application then initially it will ask you to organize the labels in the web, as shown below in the snapshot. It will detect the senders of mail like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Orkut, Zynga and many more then it will categorize them. So, if you want to delete all the mails which were sent from social networking sites then you will just have to go to Social Networking category and then delete all the mails present in it. So, simple to use, just few clicks!!!

Time by this application to categorize all the mails depends on the number and the size of the mails stored in your inbox. Once the processing is done, your mail handling will become faster and simpler.

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