Opera 11 Things You Need To Know

Nowadays when everyone is worried about improving their browsers, Opera has stepped into the arena with Opera 11. Now this is something which has got many new features which might attract you to a greater extent. In this post I will be telling you about some of the new features which has been introduced in this browser and even some of them are very much new and you must have not experiences them with any of the other browser present today. Let’s see its astonishing features.


As the time passed we switched from different windows to different tabs, tabs are more approachable and they also keep our taskbar clean. So, we prefer to work with them but still the haziness in the work remains as it is. Initially we used to get confused by opening large number of windows not large number of tabs keeps us puzzled. Keeping this problem in mind Opera 11 came up with the idea of stacking the tabs, with the help of this feature you can stack all the tabs which were opened for a similar purpose. Then small demonstration of this feature has been shown below in the video. This is the latest feature which is completely new and cannot be seen in any of the browsers present today.

Besides this feature, the extension or the add-ons have also been increased, the toll has raised up to 500,000 extensions but even though you are not satisfied with the add-ons present there on the site then you can go for building up your own extension or add-on by using the developer mode in the browser. Mouse Gestures of Opera has also improved and though it inhibits all these new features but the size of the browsers has also reduced by 30 percent. I used it and only disadvantage that I felt was its speed it is slow as compared to all the browsers that have been using.


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