Open Website Tabs In Google Chrome Lost In Crashed Session After Failed Attempt To Restore

If you are heavy web surfer like me then you may keep opening as many tabs to browse what ever you can at the same time, due to this habit many times my google chrome crashed due to large number of tabs opened which cause load on system memory.

In such cases you might lose all the tabs in the current browsing session with those large number of tabs, today we will tell you how to recover and reopen all the websites which were previously opened before google chrome crashed.

Google chrome by default when get started after the crashed browsing session it shows the yellow colored bar which allows you to restore the all the tabs opened before crash as shown in the image below.

google chrome restore session

but some times you missed clicking the restore button before time and it hides itself and never appear again. Don’t worry as there is still a way to restore the website tabs opened before crash in google chrome, to do it open a new tab and then click the links which says x tabs under recently closed session to restore the opened tabs.

restore crashed faile session in google chrome

Please note: this you should do immediately first time you google chrome after crash.

Precautions You Can Take To Save Browsing Session Before Crash

Now there can be two ways you can make sure that your browsing session is saved before google chrome crashed or closed accidently by user, in order to recover all the previously opened webpages when accidental close happens, you just need to configure one option to reopen the pages that were open last as shown under google chrome options. You can reach the chrome options page by typing chrome://settings/browser in chrome address bar.

chrome options

You can also install session buddy plugin for google chrome which automatically saves your browsing session with time, and also you can just right click on any webpage and then select save current session quickly after installing this extension as shown in the image below.

7-18-2011 11-23-03 PM

You can also refer another way by Keith [Fellow Blogger ] on how to restore crashed browser sessions, read here


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