Open Website Pages When Website Is Down By Accessing The Google Cache

I am a great Fan of, very recently I was reading an article on Access Cached Versions of Webpages When a Website is Down – it elaborates a cool firefox addon Gcache+ which allows you to open websites pages when it is down on its server and not accessible by accessing the google cache.

But what if you are using some other internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera etc and you want to access, In that case you can use the trick mentioned below which works for all the browsers.

Follow the following steps to open a website page which is down in any web browser 

1. In order to open any website URL which is not opening, now copy the URL of the page from the address bar.


[ click he image above to enlarge ] 

2. Now, Open in a separate tab and Search in the following format


For Example:



Once you click Google Search button, you will see the cached copy of the webpage opened which is saved at the google servers [ as shown in the image below ]


This way you can open any website page even when the main website in down using google cache.   

[ Thanks To Mr. HowToGeek For Inspiring Me To Guess This Trick  :) ]

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