Open, View Files In .Zip .RAR Archives In Gmail With Google Docs

Google docs team has finally rolled out feature to open and view .zip and .rar archive files and contents online using google docs, so now in case if you don’t have any third party program for .rar or .zip files you can still open and view the contents using google docs for free.

There are many times you may receive some files like photos, presentation or any other different type of file as email attachment, now you can easily view them using online google docs viewer as shown in the image below, you just need to click view link to open the .zip or .rar file contents in google docs.


Once you click view, it will redirect you to a page which will list all the files as shown in the image below.

google docs viewer for zip n rar files

When you hover over the list you can activate a menu by clicking Actions as shown in the image above.

You’ll be able to Viewitems supported by Google Docs Viewer and Print (PDF) those that we offer PDF support. Save to Google Docs and Download appear for all files as shown in the image below.

7-15-2011 1-49-46 PM

ZIP and RAR archives that are embedded inside other archives also work. if you have a RAR file inside a ZIP file (like in our example above) you can just click on that file to access the embedded archive. Also this feature works for google docs mobile version, so you can view the zip and rar files contents on google docs mobile as shown in the image below.


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