Open, View Clipboard History On Mac OS X

Ever had to regret copying something to your clipboard because it meant that the thing that you copied before that had disappeared? Clyppan is a tool for Mac OS X that keeps a history of everything that you copy to your clipboard so that you never lose any important data again.

What makes Clyppan extremely useful is its small and central nature. There is just one window which displays logs of everything that you either cut or copied to your clipboard. For example, suppose you copied an email address, website URL or phone number, and forgot to paste it. Later on, you copy something else to your clipboard, which wipes away any previous content on the clipboard. Now there is no way to get it back. Clyppan overcomes this difficulty.

Clyppan aims to make use of your keyboard, without needing to use your mouse, ever. This makes sense, as most people use the universal Cmd + C, Cmd + X, Cmd + V shortcuts for copy, cut and paste, respectively. With a few modifications in this, you can achieve all the basic operations that Clyppan is capable of.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Cmd + Shift + C — Hide/show Clyppan
  • Cmd + Shift + V — Rapid paste
  • Cmd + L — Show current clipping
  • Space — Hide/show the Quick preview window
  • Cmd + Option + F — Search
  • Enter — Put the selected clipping on the clipboard and hide Clyppan.
  • Shift + Enter — Put the selected item on the clipboard and but do not hide Clyppan.
  • Delete — Delete selected clipping
  • Cmd + , — Preferences
  • Cmd + Q — Quit Clyppan

Apart from this, Clyppan has an auto-update feature which saves you from the hassle of manually upgrading each time a bug is fixed or a revision is made.

Rapid Paste

Rapid Paste is a global shortcut in Clyppan that cycles among all your clipboard items, one by one, starting from the most recent to older ones. Just press Cmd + Shift + V to copy the previous item from history to your clipboard, and then you can paste it anywhere, using the normal Cmd + V.

Overall, Clyppan is a very useful little tool, that is very lightweight, resides only in your status bar, takes up negligible disk space, and is a must have.

Download Clyppan

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