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Google was concentrating on its search engine and Gmail for a long and that’s why we have also many news related to these two but recently a new feature is being seen Google Document. You can call it as Google Document viewer, it is not an option available in the Google Documents but it has a separate link, so I will call it as a web-service and I hope that you will also find it very useful. I used it and have mentioned about the benefits of this feature.


So, now you can see any document which is available on internet to view online. With this feature of Google Document you will be able to see all the documents of the formats which are supported by Google Documents like .DOC, .PDF and many more. it is very easy to use, as you must be taking a glance at the snapshot shown below, wherein you can see that only a link has to be entered in the field mentioned above and then click the button Generate Link. Now this will help to get the links which are important to view the files when you want to mail a link to your friend so that by click on it he or she can see it.

Then if you are interested in inserting that document in your blog then you will just have copy another link generated by that viewer. You will also find the link to view the files for embedded viewers. Besides the generation of these links if you are interested in viewing that file in the Google Document Viewer then you can choose the Click Here option which will direct you to another webpage where you can see that document. Please note that you cannot see any document that has not been marked as public. Example:- if you have a private document in you Google Document account then you cannot view with the help of this viewer.

As always we will be updating you with any other feature which is being updates by Google and meanwhile if you have anything useful to share with us related to the this news or any other features which has not been covered by us, then please let us know by putting it down in the comments section. If we found it useful then we will be glad to share it with all the other readers. Have a nice day!!!

Google Document Viewer

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