Open Text Only Version Of A Webpage In Google Chrome Browser

There are times when you quickly want to go through content in a webpage, in such cases there might be a page which is full of multimedia content, flash animations or ads which makes the page to open slowly on your web browser, it becomes a pain some times when you need to wait for the page to load and render.

Shankar Ganesh, a fellow blogger has recently created a cool extension for google chrome which allows you to save your time by quickly opening the text only version of the webpage, which will load faster without any flash animation and videos etc.

After installing this extension, right-click on any link and choose ‘Open in text-only mode’ to open the web page without the ads and clutter as shown in the image below.

3-28-2011 12-17-57 PM

Note: This extension uses to render a text-only version of the webpage.

In order to view the text only version of any webpage, install this extension at this link

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