Bandwidth Meter – Open Source Broadband Bandwidth Usage Monitoring Tool

Previously we have written about some internet usage monitoring tool like Netlimiter, NetWorx. Here is another similar tool called Bandwidth Meter is free tool which lets you monitor and see the current bandwidth usage, as it helps you stay in limits defined by you Internet Service Provider. It helps you save money by alerting you when exceed your monthly or daily bandwidth limit.


Some of the unique features of bandwidth meter

  • It is completely free open-source tool
  • Allows to see current download/upload speed from your PC
  • Alerts you when your bandwidth limit is exceeded
  • Provides extensive stats on how much data was downloaded and when [ the time ] which makes is really good tool.
  • It has useful network tools like ping, traceroute and even email notifier
  • You can monitor and set alerts on multiple PCs that you have at home or office

Here is another screenshot on how it will show up the usage


You will be able to see extensive detailed statistics with this free bandwidth usage monitor tool, see this example.

Note: This application is really good but for some strange reason it does work on vista laptop, however it works fine on my xp desktop. It requires .NET Framework 2.0 and if .net framework is not detected the application itself will install .NET framework.

Download Bandwidth Meter

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