Open, Read, Write or Take Full Control Of Access Denied File or Folder With Access Control Changer

Some times you may try to open a file or folder, but when you do you may face access denied error. This could happen when you are trying to access a file that belong to some other user on the same machine, or some other reasons like the permissions are set in such a way that you can not open such file or folder. We have already posted some tips on how to open a access denied folder, I cannot access a particular folder on windows 7 and how to recover lost accessed denied data

Access Control Changer is freeware utility which allows you to change the file permissions of any file so that you can read, write, change or take full control over the file, not only this it also allows you to change the folder permission.


After selecting the file and folder for which you want to change the permissions, just click change button in the application interface above, then it will prompt for confirmation of your action. [ as shown in the image below ]


Following are the things you can do this tool

  • None => To completely prohibit users access the files / folders
  • Read => For the permissions allow only read the files / folders
  • Write => To only allow write access rights to the files / folders
  • Change => To only allow changing the file / folder
  • Full Control => To allow all permissions to files / folders

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  1. says

    This did not work for me. Trying taking Full Control for any folder under Windows\System32 and it does not work. I tried it personally but did not get Full Control on the folder needed. Verified it using Properties of the folder too.

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