Open or View Word Documents On iPad With Free App From AppStore

iPad is one such great device that anyone can use it without requiring any training its just so simple and easy to use. We have just got a question from one of our reader He asked – How Can I Open or View A Word Document On iPad?

In order to read word documents you can install a free app on apple store called This application not only allows you to open word documents on ipad, but it also allows view all your files on-the-go including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, images and Box Web Documents. Moreover you can also listen to audio files and watch videos stored on Box.


As per the confirmed news, apple has not plans to provide office for ipad So, this app described above can be the best option to open your office documents on iPad. To use this application, you would need to sign up for free account at which will have 1 GB of disk space, with max 25 MB per file limit.

Below is A Step By Step Procedure To Open a Word Doc On iPad using app

1. Sign up for free account at or if you already have an account skip to step 2

2. Now, login to your account in internet browser on your computer and then upload a word document which you want to view on your iPad


3. Now, Install the free iPad app, and login with the same username and password with the same account you just created in Step 1 – Bingo, Once you logged in you will be able to view and edit all your docs on ipad for free :)

Edit Word Document On iPad

If you are looking for an app for iPad which will also allows you to edit, word documents on iPad then go for a similar paid app called Pages on apple store which allows you to view as well as edit the word document on iPad

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