Open or View A Link In Incognito aka Private Mode In Google Chrome

Some times you may be browsing internet on the go on a public computer, in such cases you may not want your browsing tracks to leave behind when you left the public computer or even in case you are sharing a computer with some of people in your family.

Note: You can always start a new tab in google chrome just in incognito mode just by pressing ctrl+shift+n or Go to Tools >> New Incognito Window

What if you just want to open a specific link in incognito mode, In order to specifically open a link only in incognito mode you just need to right click on the link and then select the option – Open the Link in incognito window

For Example as shown in the image below


This way you can open any link in incognito mode even when you are not browsing in incognito mode in google chrome, we hope you like this simple and useful tip for google chrome, you can read more google chrome tips here and find out some amazing useful google chrome addons here


  1. Ryan Lorenzo says

    OMFG thnx u helped me a lot dude especially my friends are borrowing my LAPTOP…. TNX a LOt dude!!!!!

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