Open, Empty Recycle Bin From Windows 7 Taskbar Recycle Bin Icon

We tend to keep your desktop clean because it is really annoying to see large number of icons on the face of your system. The only icons which you might want to keep on your desktop will be the shortcuts of certain applications which are quite important to you. This simply means that you will not find some of the icons like My Computer, Internet Explorer, Network connections or Recycle bin. The first three of them mentioned can be accessed easily by the Start menu, but the forth might take some time, as you need to follow an unusual way to access it. In this post we will mentioned about a tool with the help of which you will be able to reach to your recycle with a single click.



You can call this tool as MiniBin, this will help you to access your recycle bin from the taskbar tray. In the screenshot you can see the icon and the configuration it provides for using this recycle bin. In order to empty the Recycle bin you will just to double click the icon and then you will hear the sound which occurs every time while emptying the recycle bin, now you can disable or enable any of the features of that tool. If you want then it will prompt while deleting all the files from recycle bin.

In the screenshot you can see that there is a field for the updates and it displays the frequency of getting updated. This field represents its updating from the recycle bin of your system. For the slow system I will recommend to keep it low, like you can put the value at 1 minute. This means that this freeware will update itself with the content of recycle bin at every 1 minute.

The size of this tool is around 160 KB and is very simple to use. The link to download this tool has been mentioned at the end of the post. This tool has been tested on the latest version of Windows, so it is expected that it will run on all the versions of window. If you can any issue while using this tool then please let us know about it.

Download MiniBin


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