Open Command Prompt In Any Windows Folder or Open Windows Explorer From Command Prompt

Windows has the default feature of opening the command prompt here in a at specific folder on which you right click with your mouse, but in order to see this option in right click menu, you will need to press shift key on the keyboard while pressing the right click menu button in the mouse.


However this feature does not work, when you right click on a folder on your desktop, then in such a case you can use this free utlity called Quick Command Prompt – which adds a permanent entry in right click menu named Command Prompt and integrate in all the locations in windows explorer.


Launch Explorer Window From Command Prompt  

Another related tip for the command prompt is you can open any folder in explorer view with command prompt. In order to open the folder you are at in command prompt in windows explorer just type start . and windows explorer will open up with the current folder you are in with command prompt.


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