Open Blocked Facebook Website Inside Gmail Interface

Google Labs is getting better day by day, I will tell you that why I am stating this statement. Gmail, one of the mostly used e-mail service these days and Facebook, the most popular social networking site in the present scenario, if they tend to combine their service then I suppose that it will be far better than best. Google labs have come up with a great application which will help you to use Facebook via Gmail. So now when you will open Gmail to check your mails then you can check the wall posts, news feeds and the status updates of your Facebook profile. In this post i will be talking about this new application and I will also tell you that how you can use this new application in your Gmail.

You can see the screenshot of this application posted above. Just follow the steps mentioned below and then you will be able to use this application in your Gmail profile. The steps are mentioned as follows:-

  • Enable a gadget in your Google Labs where you can add any application in your Gmail with the help of the URL of any other gadget, you can search this gadget in the Google labs and you can enable them as shown in the snapshot.


  • After you enable it you can see a new tab named a Gadget in the tabs in the settings as shown in the snapshot below.


  • Now add the following URL in the text field, where you can add any application of Gmail.

  • After adding this URL you will observe an application of Facebook which will look similar to the one shown in the snapshot below.


  • After adding this application you will another option of Facebook below the chat list. Click the expand button highlighted in the snapshot to see your profile and from there you can make any status update or you can see any news feeds.


  • The profile page in Gmail application will look similar to the one shown in the snapshot below but let me tell you that when you will install this application for the first time them you will have to sign in this application and then you can use it.


I hope that you will find this tutorial quite helpful in installing this application for Gmail and then using it fluently. This application will really help you to be in touch with your friends on Facebook because every time we need to check our mails and whenever you will be opening your Gmail mailbox then you can check you Facebook account also.

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