One Program Multiple Purpose Windows Utility

Portable utilities are quite useful when it comes to solving small problems of your system, or if they help you in handling the tasks in a simpler way. They can be carried anywhere in the USB drive and thus they can be used on any of your system easily. Nirsoft has developed many portable tool which really help the users to work with ease on their system the number of the tools are quite, so they have clubbed all of them under a separate tool, so that you should not go on internet again and again to search for a single tool, just download this tool and then you will already have the access to all the other tools.


In this post we will tell you that how you can use this tool, first of all let me tell you that this tool is quite simple to use. You can see the snapshot of the tool right above this paragraph, wherein you can see that all the tools have been divided into 12 categories. And all the tools have been shown with three different columns.

First column tells you the name of tool and double clicking it will launch that portable tool. Second column has the description of the tool and it is a hyperlink to a HTML page, clicking on it will give you a detailed information regarding the tool and the third column will tell you about the version of the tool which you have on your system. The best part is that you will not have to download any tool as all the tools available in the list are present in the tool itself, you just need to launch it. After downloading this, you will almost have all the remedies to the difficulties faced on your system. It’s a great collection granted by Nirsoft.

I hope that you must have liked the tool as this tool portable with a size of around 10 Mb. Once download just launch the application and the application window will appear as mentioned in the snapshot above. This tool and some of its freeware has been tested on latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you face any issue related to the freeware it has; just put them in the comments section.

Download Nirlauncher

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