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With the further advancement in technology, it has now become very easy to share data and information on the internet. Along with sharing, now storage is also being provided with the enhancements in the field of Cloud Computing. Storage through cloud computing is now becoming a vital part which takes off the load of the local drives from the system. One the one side it allows the user to have a complete backup and sync various files and on the other hand it also makes the user worry free about any malware and viruses destroying data. Cloud storage, as said with its increasing popularity is really one of the excellent concept and in the market there are number of companies which are offering it’s service in one form or the another.

Otixo is a newly launched one of such web services that allows the user to sync various files on clouds and various FTP servers. The most important and beneficial part of such kind of service is that it allows the user to access all the files present on various clouds from a single account. Currently the service providers with which it provides the sync for the user are Dropbox, Google Docs,, MobileMe and various other FTP servers. Otixo allows the user to move files between all these mentioned services which are supported by it and allows the user to upload new files or to download the files. It also allows the user to remove them or if the user wants to rename the existing files and folders.


The most important feature of this cloud based software is that you get access to all your documents and files present on various clouds from a single interface of this application. Through a single and that too a very simple step, you can look for your files across all the above mentioned cloud-based services.  Not only this, but you can also directly transfer any of your files from one cloud service to another without even downloading them to your PC first. This feature makes it really a wonderful online tool. Furthermore, you can access all your accounts with a single username and password and there is no need to remember the username and passwords for all of them.


After downloading and installing this application, you may simply start by just adding the various cloud services that you use and where you have your documents stored to Otixo. These services can be added only after you sign up and creates your account with Otixo. All services will be listed to you and in order to view your files that are present on any of the other cloud, you just have to simply click it and files will be synced for you to view. As we mentioned earlier, in order to move files between different clouds, just select a file that you want to transfer, copy or cut it and paste it to another cloud. It is so simple that you just have to perform few cut/copy/paste operations to move these files.

To use this tool you can simply add it as one of the network drives to your system. In this way it will allow you to access all the files present on the various cloud drives from your desktop. For adding it as a network drive, simply right-click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive, and enter in the folder address. After clicking on finish, the system will ask you to enter your Otixo login username and password. In this way you may add this tool and after adding it you can view all your files on different clouds by selecting this drive.

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