One Mouse, Keyboard Connected To Multiple Windows Computers

Working on different PCs at the same time has become quite common since the introduction of advanced features and functionalities in the field of networking. But, you might have come across many situations where it becomes very difficult to manage all those desktops at the same time. Today, we are discussing about a small utility which has been recently developed and ensures that you may work on different PCs very easily and that too with the help of a single mouse.

Mouse without Borders is basically a small, useful and easy to use application which has been developed by Microsoft Garage and it allows the user to share mouse and keyboard with all the PCs connected on a network. Although, earlier also there are lots of applications such as Synergy, but the main advantage of Mouse without Borders over Synergy is that the user can share the mouse with 4 computers on the network without even having to go through the long and complex method of naming and then setting up screen positions. It has some distinct features as compared to other utilities of its kind, as it includes some worthwhile screen sharing features, such as, send screenshot to connected PCs, get captured screen areas from other clients, disable screensaver on connected PCs, copy and paste items or drag & drop files between configured PCs, along with many more features and functionalities.


Till know, it has been developed only for Windows, but later we may see a version for other OS such as for both Mac and Linux. So, if you want to give it a try then the first step that you need to follow is to simply download the application from the below given link. After installing it on the system where the keyboard/mouse is connected or the one which is your main PC and that has to be shared with other system, you need to simply launch the application. After this, you will see a welcome screen where just simply, click No, to generate a security code with your computer name which will be used. Now, we recommend you to copy this information since it will be needed to pair other computers on the same network.


After this you also need to install Mouse without Borders on other computers that are to be linked with the primary computer, and after this simply click ‘Yes’ on the Welcome dialog box and enter previously copied computer name and security code which we asked you to save. As soon as you click yes, you may see that it will start establishing the connection between the connected computers. One thing which is very essential and must be kept in mind is that all the computers which are to be linked must be on the same network, otherwise it will fail to initiate a connection request and you can’t connect two or more PCs together.


After installing and doing the above mentioned steps, you may proceed further. One of the thing that you may observe is that this utility works from the system tray and doesn’t affect the others tools and softwares running on your system.There are lots of option and functionalities available with the tool such as the Get Screen Capture from and Send Screen Capture to options let you share screenshots with connected PCs, whereas, one of the other feature known as the Personalize Logon Screen allows you to change the default login screen.


Although, the mouse and keyboard sharing features are quite similar to some of the other utilities like Synergy but still you may observe that other utilities doesn’t offer many of the advanced features that this utility does. The only drawback that we see is that it can only share mouse and keyboard with PCs and not the other hardware.

So, for the other features of this utility you can watch the Mouse Without Border introduction video below.

Download Mouse without Borders

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