Official Valentine Theme For Windows 7 Released By Microsoft

As the lovely valentine day is coming closer, Microsoft has released 4 new themes for windows 7 which you can apply to your windows 7 and customize its look and feel as per your mood. These new themes are Cats Everywhere, Dogs in Summer, Valentine Theme and Year of the Tiger as shown in the image below.


We had posted about some themes for windows 7 like custom aero theme, 7 Windows 7 Theme – I’m Windows 7 PC, Avtar Movie Theme For Windows 7 , 7 Up Theme For Windows 7 and some cats and dogs themes for windows 7 

Here are how the valentine theme looks on my windows 7 enabled Macbook pro ;)


Here are the individual links to download these windows 7 themes

Year of the Tiger | Valentine | Dogs in Summer | Cats Everywhere

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