Official Google Reader Notification Addon For Google Chrome

Google has recently released a new google chrome addon to display notifications of unread items in google reader. We had previously posted about a google reader notifier extension for google reader, but this one released today is official notifier extension from google.

It displays the Google Reader unread count, Clicking the icon shows a preview of your reading list in a popup (or it can open Reader in a new tab, see the options page for configuration).


Moreover you can quickly get a sneak peek over the unread items, by clicking the extension icon in the google chrome toolbar, as shown in the image below and it also allows you to navigate through unread items.


It can also show the pop up notification for new unread items in google reader, you can configure the same through extension options.


In all this extension seems to work and do as it says, but this might create some worries some times if you have so many unread items in google reader to read, just like it happens with me.

Install Google Reader Notifier [ Official Addon ] 

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