Office 2010 Giveaway [ 2 Free Licenses For Indian Residents ]

Microsoft has provided us the opportunity to run a giveaway for office 2010, We are going to distribute 2 licenses of Office 2007 Home and Student Edition which can be freely upgradeable to Office 2010 once it releases in coming June this year.


If you win these licenses, you will get the office 2010 home or student edition for free, We are going to run a contest here in which all the readers of TechnixUpdate are invited and you to too who is reading this.

Note: This contest is only open to all those readers who are from India [ Indian Residents Only ]

Lets discuss the what would you need to do to win these MS office licenses.

In order to win these licenses you will need to do the following things written below.

1. Download MS Office Professional 2010 [60 days] trail version on your computer and find new features in office 2010 as compared to office 2007 or Send Us Some Tips Related To MS Office 2010 or Just Tell Us What Do You Like About Office 2010 or Why Do You Need It – Send to admin[at]technixupdate[dot]com

2. Tweet About This Giveaway on Twitter or Share it on Facebook

3. Leave Comment at the end of this post with a valid email id, post the link to your tweet or facebook status message about this giveaway.

We will select useful tips submitted by users and will post about them with full credit to you or your blog for the same. We will select the winners on random basis from those whose tips or new features they found about office 2010 are unique and original.

Please Note: The MS Office 2010 tips you submit us should not be published any where else including your own blog or website if you have one.

Additional Information About Office 2010

  • Winners will redeem their rewards via and prizes will be shipped to India only
  • Community Blog Buzz for Office 2010 is hosting Virtual Launch Event for Office 2010 on May 25 and 26th. These Virtual Events are webcasts which is FREE to attend and people can participate either online or by going to the nearest available center. The sessions will be delivered by MVPs. To register for free please visit:
  • In June, Community Launch Events for Office 2010 will happen. At the launch events, attendees will get to see Office 2010 in action and learn how to do their work better with Office 2010, you can get

We would suggest you to attend these events and webcasts, as they help to you to use upcoming Office 2010 more effectively and understand it better to do work faster, however your participation in these events wont affect the giveaway happening here in anyway.

Update: 10 Jun 2010

Winners Announced



Note: Congratulations to the winners, winners will receive emails with further details soon


  1. Linu George says

    Tweet :

    Sent email, so please consider me. Thanks for the giveaway and regards.

  2. xphunt3r says

    trying this giveaway is quite hard………. But I can only do it tweet and share in facebook abt giveaway.. Hoping will win……

  3. suman59 says

    Twitter link:

    They have fewer features than the desktop apps, but they mean you can view and edit Office documents on any machine, you can use them to co-author documents online, and you can keep a OneNote notebook online and work on it in the desktop OneNote app at the same time as a friend or colleague.

    All the Office apps now have the ribbon interface and an updated version of the Office menu.

    The Backstage menu is one place for all the things you might want to do with your document, explained in handy detail

  4. Hariharan says

    I have sent you an e-mail of the few features of Office 2010 I found out.

    I have also tweeted the message here

    Thank you

  5. Ashutosh says

    The tweet can be found at

    I would be dropping mail with the Office 2010 tip to the mail ID mentioned above

  6. Arif Ali Saiyed says

    That’s really nice, but I will always have a version of 2010 in my office.Don’t really need this one. All the best to others

  7. tuxplorer says

    Would love a 2010 Home and Student license. Twitted here: (That’s me).

  8. Sujay says

    Please include me in this giveaway.

    I have subscribed to RSS Feed.
    Sent a email to admin[at]technixupdate[dot]com as suggested.

    Also Followed and liked you on Twitter and Facebook.

  9. princeaniket says

    my face book connection :!/profile.php?id=100001003716221


    the main comparison is

    in M/s word..

    in 2010 the ribbon interface is more attractive and smarter than 2007.
    “save to web”, “save to share point”, “publish as web page”.. in file menu bar..
    they all are more than 2007.
    logo is different too.

    in MS PPT
    transition bar full of new features, animation of different stlyes,and logo of ppt all are different, logo has also changed as it is right side in bottom indicated as “P”

    In MS publisher document
    Merge email, follow up these tools are being added and logo is changed same as PPT but, color has changed..

    The most important feature is ” the screen shots” in menu bar option in MS PPT which we can directly SNIP, insert and modify(cut and paste) any thing FROM WEB PAGE or desktop,whichever is in background.. the web pages importance is too good,.. and after that use of ” picture tool” ,will come in which we can change brightness and pic style will also change”
    this can help in taking “reference,quotes and pic of important things directly” coz, before it we have to save pic,then cut, and then adjust,, this reduces the effort and is pretty fast,,
    thank you dear for this giveaway..

  10. Malli74 says


    my tweet :

    In Office 2010, you’ll have access to the Ribbon across all of the applications in the suite, with contextual tabs and features to help you get the most out of each program.

    The new Paste Preview lets you easily switch between paste options so you know your work will be formatted correctly in your document before you commit.

  11. Pratik says

    Yes, I have been using office 2010 for about a week now and perhaps believe that it is a good upgrade from the 2007 version. The streamlined interface is easy on the eyes and I have to admit that the best feature that I came across has been the ability to embed video in ppt presentations along with support for streaming videos from sites like youtube… The editing features for the videos is very decent from presentation point of view….

    Thank you for organizing this giveaway… I think might be lucky this time around…

    I ahve emailed you my fav feature…
    Here is my tweet Status:

  12. Ram says

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for a nice giveaway…
    I am a MS Office 2000 Professional user…
    As I am a student, I am planning to upgrade my MS Office atleast as I recently upgraded my system specs to dual-core..
    I want to take the advantage of all the features that Microsoft is providing in MS Office 2010…

    I have tweeted here,

    Please consider me for the giveaway..

  13. Dhiraj Sinha says

    Hi Abhishek,
    An awesome giveway indeed!!.Please do count me in.
    I have tweeted this post at:
    P.S. I have emailed my response too

  14. Mohamed says

    Hii.. Thank you.. cool product & cool give away, waiting for the license thank u once again.

  15. Balaji says

    Nice giveaway
    My tweet link:
    let hope to be a lucky one
    thnx in advance…….