Now Hibernate Your Windows PC Without Slowing It Down

Normally, it has been seen that users doesn’t shut down their PC’s or laptops. Rather, they prefer putting their system in hibernate or stand by mode. This is due to the fact that it is faster to start a computer system that is in hibernate or standby mode than to start it when it is completely turned off, which is completely acceptable. But, now if we look into it from the computer’s side then we can see that there are some shortcomings of hibernation and standby, particularly the power consumption. One of the other limitations is that startup checks or updates are not performed until the PC is restarted. We have seen many users who run their PC for weeks without restart, and hence they might miss out on updates and system maintenance tasks which are very essential for system. So, today we are going to present a solution for such scenarios where you may combine the advantages of both restart as well as of hibernation mode.

Boot Snooze is basically a small, useful, easy to use and most importantly a freeware app which has been designed to solve the above mentioned scenarios. As already mentioned, it combines the two modes i.e. a restart of the computer with an automated switch to hibernation or standby. This utility can be easily downloaded from the developer web page whose link has been given below and then we may unpack it to a local directory and save it on the system. After installing and launching it we may see several options displayed in the program interface.


Now, you may start with the utility and firstly you can enable auto-login in case it is not enabled on the computer. In order to do so, you need to enter a username and password of the Windows user that you want to log in automatically which is required for further processing of the utility. Users without a password should be fine without enabling auto-login in the application and utility will auto detect the settings for them.

On the interface you may see two options on the left. They are basically used to configure the delay before and after the reboot according to your needs and requirements. One thing which must be noted here is that the program will first reboot the computer and load Windows again before it will put the operating system into hibernate or standby mode depending upon the user’s configuration.

Before using this utility, you need to make sure that hibernation is enabled, which you can do under Control Panel > Power Options > Change when the computer sleeps > Advanced Options. If it is not enabled then you need to enable it firstly.

So overall we can say that it is a nice little utility and one of the main benefits of the program is the ability to combine a system restart with hibernation or standby and along with the ability to auto-login is a step in the right direction. So, if you are interested then you may download it from the below given link.

Download Boot Snooze

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