Notepad Alternative For Windows With Added Features

If you have a habit of developing tools or you love to write codes on your system, then you might be knowing the importance of ‘Notepad’ on your computer. Notepad in your computer is like a simple interface which allows you to create files in which the codes are supposed to be written. The default Notepad on your computer does not provide you a great interface for writing the codes. For example you cannot open large number of notepad files under a single window or I should say in the form of Tabs.


So, Today I will be reviewing a portable notepad which can provide a better interface while writing a code on your computer. You can call this new notepad as ATPad and this provides large number of features as mentioned below.

  • It provides you a tabular interface to see large number of notepad files under a single window.
  • It also provides a default word wrap option along with which all the lines on your code will be numbered.
  • It also provides the find and replace option for the codes written in the files.
  • It can provide you the option to see the white spaces, including change of line, tabs and other spaces coded with colors so that it becomes easy for you to locate the whitespaces in the codes.
  • You can also change the color of the text from the ‘Settings’ options under Options list and you can also place the bookmarks on your file so that it gets easier for you to locate the modules of your code.

It also keeps the list of all the recently used documents on that application, I must say that though they emphasized on Office tools but they have ignored this important tool on Windows OS, this tool ATPad tries to include all the good features from the Office tools to the Notepad.

You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above at the top of the post and the download link has been mentioned below, the download link will have a Zipped file which is supposed to be unzipped and then used as a portable tool. The size of this tool is around 500 KB and it runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP. If you face any problem while using it then please let us know.

Download ATPad

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