Norton Mobile Security App For Android Based Phones

Today’s smartphones are probably the most advanced ones and offer a host of new features which earlier were only dreamt of. Most of the tasks that we perform on our computers can now be performed on the very phones and offer the same level of functionality as well.

But the fact remains that as we surf through webpages on our computers, the changes of it getting attacked by viruses, malware, adware etc are quite a lot and since today’s phones are transforming into computers the same security risks apply to them.

For android users, the android market offers a number of internet security app such as Dr.Web and AVG’s DroidSecurity and joining the league is the very recent Norton Mobile Security from the most popular maker Symantec. Although it’s a Beta version and comes with a 9 day subscription, the app has been found to be fully operational by us.

norton mobile securitycall block

Feature wise it offers many things including Anti-Theft set up, Call and SMS blocking, protection from malware and web protection. As the names suggest this application lets keeps your phone secure from malware attack and resists web intrusion. One can also block a particular number from which SMS and calls will not be entertained.

norton malwarewebprotection

Anti-Theft capabilities can also be activated which would let you block your phone and SIM card by a simple message in case its gets stolen or lost. As mentioned above the app comes as a trial version and the fully developed one will not be available for free for sure. So in case you wish to try this app from Symantec as its quite reliable, you can download it from the following link.

Download Norton Mobile Securtiy – [Free App]

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