Nokia N8 Unboxing Photo Shoot

Nokia n8 seems to be a so far so good, it is predecessors. I would say nokia n8 is a major improvement for all those nokia phones users who are thinking of a upgrading their devices. We have recently got n8 for review from Nokia PR people. We have already unboxed n8 and have been playing with it for some time now, today we took some great shots of Nokia n8, you are can check out the windows live gallery nokia n8 unboxing pictures below.

Some other things which I Liked about n8, nokia has supplied the best accessories with n8 like the good quality HDMI cable for connecting and playing videos on your TV, USB transfer cable with which you can transfer songs, videos and other data from a USB flash storage drive to n8, great quality ear phones with play, pause and next button controller all these accessories make n8 more smarter and enticing to get than any other nokia or some other phone lying in the same price range.

Do let us know, how do you like the Nokia n8 unboxing pictures taken by us Smile

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