Nokia & Microsoft Came Together To Make Better Windows Phone 7

What great news!!! Nokia finally decided to join hands with Microsoft. Nokia who was already selling 40 mobiles everyday has decided to the world decided to go for other Mobile Operating System i.e. Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft.I do not know that when they will be releasing that phone but it is going to be as soon as possible. In this post I will be telling you more about this news.


When it comes to most user-friendly Mobile Operating System then Android tops the chart and then it is followed by Windows Phone 7. You must have observed that recently people started to opt for mobile phones other than Nokia and this made the sales to go down, the main reason behind this was only because other mobiles maker started to opt for other OS like Samsung and Motorola started to opt for Android and Nokia’s Symbian stand no where as a contender among these Mobile Operating Systems.

Now when Nokia ha decided to opt for Windows Phone 7 then we can expect that it is clear challenge to Apple iPhone. Nokia is already a record holder regarding the sales of their mobile phones and now when they have decided to go for a better Operating System then this simply means that the results will be awesome. Apart from this estimation let me tell you that Nokia will not be accepting the Windows Phone 7 as it is right now, they will be molding it as per the future of this OS and we really expect to see a masterpiece.

In this new edition of cellphone you will all set of new services like XBox, Bing search, Hotmail inbox and other services related to Windows Phone 7. Well, as per my point of view Nokia and Android would have been the best combo but this is also not a bad one. Let us see what will they will bring as their first product, but before ending this article I would say that now Nokia should go on improving the quality of their camera as I feel this is one of the flaws for rejecting Nokia phones.

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