Nexus One Indian Version Coming Soon

Google planning to releases nexus one in India soon, but the nexus one going to come to India will not have all the features which Nexus one has, it will be a stripped down version with less features and cheaper also. This news has been released a by Ankit from CNBC-TV 18 after an “editorial meet” with Google India head Shailesh Rao.


Ankit Tweeted – “Nexus One will not come to India in its US avatar, the India specific Google Phone may be a stripped down version and priced lower”

How Can You Get a Nexus One In India ?

It will be priced lower than the current US version Nexus one which is approximately 25000 INR, however there is no hint on the price for indian version of nexus one. Still if you want the US version of nexus one and you are willing to pay the price it would cost you 25000 INR if some of your friend can bring it from US or 36000 INR from 33000 INR from 20North

[ Source – labnol ]


  1. neerajvohra says

    I really don’t think that nexus one will come to India as google has no plans to launch any other phone like nexus..people who might be waiting for this phone in India should get it from other sources..there will not be any other models or Nexus 2 versions etc for this phone.

    PS: Google launched this phone to get the market overview for there Andriod software. They team working on the OS wants to get the OS to the market. Now, they have clearly mentioned that they doesn’t have any further plans for the phones.

    Official words : Yes, we done it with phone. Now stop it and start focus on Andriod !!

    Please stop faking this news all over the forums/blogs as people will led to misleading and they keep waiting for this awesome device.

    Offcourse, Nexus one will be the first and last model of Google but it will be the first model that will get upgrade to future versions of Andriod’s as compared to HTC, Samsung and other Manufactures !

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