New Opera 11 Quick Preview [New Features]

Most of the users prefers Mozilla Firefox over Chrome, Opera, Safari and other browsers because of the huge variety of add-ons available for Firefox that can add or change features of browser. Google had already launched many extensions for Chrome in version 4 and then Apple too just added extension support in version 5 which they launched last summer, so now developers of Opera have finally adopted the long waited application and have rolled out the first alpha version of Opera 11.

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Opera 11 is the first Opera Browser that includes the extensions, add-ons which makes Opera application programming interfaces (API’s) and latest web standards like HTML5 and JavaScript. This is probably the most powerful version and is even integrated with various new and innovative features. This version 11 comes with a new version of Opera’s layout engine named Presto 2.6.37.

Presto 2.6.37 not only improves the performance of this new version of Opera but even adds hundreds of bug fixes and hence have enhanced the Web standards of Opera to a new level. There is also a new installer for Windows that Opera claims makes the installation and upgrade process twice as fast and that too with a 10 percent smaller download size.

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This is the main window of this exciting new and innovative web browser. The best thing which I like about this web browser is that Menu is located on top left with the drop box and just adjacent to it, you can open tabs. So this browser will give you the largest view of any web page as compare to all other web browsers.To access any menu option, simply click on drop box and  then it will show you all available options in a very simple format.

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The search for Bing is placed at centre of screen. when you open it for the first time, it will automatically show you the web page containing all the availble extensions of Opera which can enhance your browsing experience.

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The addition of extensions marks an important milestone for Opera. These extensions will allow you to add new features and functions directly in Opera rather than using them as a standalone Opera Widgets or Opera Unite applications. Opera has also ensured that developers can create extensions using existing open standards such as as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and supported APIs (the alpha release supports injectable JavaScript, callouts, certain UI items, plus a basic Tabs and Windows API).

The advantage of using same web standards is that developers who have already authored an extension for other browsers will be able to share their creation with more than 50 million Opera users. The developers of Opera are also trying to make a few tweaks to the already existing codes to port the extensions from the certain developers. This thing will surely ensure hundreds or probably thousands of extensions  available for Opera within a very short span of time.

The other new feature added is Speed Dial which is pretty similar to Internet Explorer 9. So each time you open a new tab, it will show you a 3×3 grid of thumbnails, each representing a web address. To open a page, click on the corresponding thumbnail, or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + [1-9]. There is also option given at bottom to configure the Speed Dial.

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Opera has also quoted that they will check all the extensions for defects and malicious software before they are made public to keep up their market standards and also to provide best services to their users. The developers who want to make extensions for Opera can simply follow following steps to create their own extensions.

1. Visit for complete tutorials and a guide to getting started.
2. Code your extension using common web standards, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
3. Upload to

The size of Opera 11 alpha is 9.1 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible for all the versions of Windows, Mac and Linux and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Opera 11 alpha

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