New Google Site Links Coming Soon [For Some Websites]

We have been mentioning that Google loves to improve their web services by adding more and more features frequently. Google not only concentrates on their other web-services but also on their primary search engine ‘GOOGLE’. Recently they have again improved their search results page by introducing a new feature known as Site links, this will help you to get few more details about a website on the Google search results page. In this post we will be telling you regarding this new feature on the Google search results page.


As you can see the snapshot of the results page mentioned above. Now you might not find this feature while searching any links these days but this feature will be approachable to all of you as early as possible. These site links helps you to see the sister sites and the other primary pages or the other websites associate with that particular website. This feature will be helpful for you to get the detailed information regarding the websites.

As you can see in the snapshot that all the primary links which are available on the home page of the website, are available in the search results. So, now it will be very easy for you to get the full info of that website without browsing the home page. Google just tested this new feature and I am sure they will be rolling it out to everyone as early as possible. These are some of the feature which no other search engines have and as far as statistics are concerned there is no other search engine that is even closer to Google search engine, Atleast I am the one who is eagerly waiting for this feature to get rolled out.

We will keep you updated with any new changes found related to this news topic or any other topic which is related to it and anyhow if you get to know anything related to the news topics mentioned above then please do not hesitate to share it with us, just put it down in the comments section and if we found it genuine then we will be sharing that piece of information with all the other readers on your behalf, so keep searching something useful and then let us know about it. Till then keep reading and surfing.

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