New Google Docs Features and How To Enable Them

Google docs team has just launched some really good new features in google docs to make your experience more and workflow more productive. With all these improvements and features they had focussed more on speed and increased performance while working with google docs.


New Features Just Launched In Google Docs

  • Upload any file
    Over the next couple of weeks, we’re rolling out the ability to upload, store, and share any file in Google Docs. Your files will be stored in their original format and downloadable from anywhere. Uploading files to the cloud allows them to be safely stored and accessible at all times.

  • Shared folders
    Now you can simultaneously share a group of docs with your friends, coworkers, or family, by sharing an entire folder with them.

  • Bulk upload
    Upload multiple files quickly to your Docs list.

  • Drawings improvements
    Choose ‘Insert Drawing’ in any document, spreadsheet, or presentation to check out these new features.

    • Snap to guides
      Snap to guides helps you easily align objects with the drawings canvas and other objects.

    • Polylines
      Create continuous lines or even enclosed custom filled shapes composed of multiple segments. You can close shapes, fill them, and even move around points on a line by double-clicking the line.

    • Draw multiple lines
      It’s now easier to quickly draw a sequence of related lines. Now when you finish drawing a line, arrow, or scribble, you stay in line drawing mode so you can start a new line immediately.

  • Translate and detect languages in Google spreadsheets
    =GoogleTranslate("Hola, ¿cómo estás?","es","en") gives "Hi, how are you?" (or leave out "en" and we’ll automatically choose the default language of your spreadsheet) What if you don’t know the language? =DetectLanguage("Hola, ¿cómo estás?") gives "es".

  • Forms: Add pages and allow navigation to a specific page within a form
    Whether it’s showing a different set of food questions for vegetarians and meat-etarians or building a Choose Your Own Adventure game, Google forms can take care of it all. Add page breaks to your form and let people fill out only the sections that are relevant to them.

  • Print footnotes as endnotes
    Choose to print your footnotes as endnotes through the ‘print settings’ page.

  • Dictionary translation
    Find the definition of a word in a given language and then translate the word and the corresponding definitions into an alternate language.

  • Equation editor
    Insert and edit mathematical equations and symbols in documents.

  • Forms improvements
    We’ve added a new question type (grid), support for right-to-left languages in forms, and a new color scheme for the forms summary. Also, you can now pre-populate form fields with URL parameters, and if you use Google Apps, you can create forms which require sign-in to access.

  • Translate document
    You can now translate an entire document into over 40 languages.

  • Solve improvements
    Now your target cell can include the =sum() and =sumproduct() functions.

  • Export images into .xls files
    Description: Now you can export images from spreadsheets when exporting in .xls format.

  • Email as an attachment
    From the share button you can now email your Google Spreadsheets workbook out directly as an attachment in .xls, .csv, .ods, .pdf and other popular formats.

  • Snap to grid
    Auto-align text, images, shapes, and tables within your slides.

  • Insert images
    Insert an image into your drawing and add scribbles, shapes, lines, arrows, and text boxes on top of the image.

  • Tables
    You can now add tables to Google Docs presentations.

  • Automatically cycle through slides
    You can automatically cycle through slides in presentation mode and enable time delay, autostart, and loop.

  • Solve
    With Solve, you can easily optimize linear equations by specifying a target cell for the result and adding constraints to help you reach your answer.

  • ROMAN function
    Converting numbers into Roman numerals as easy as I, II, III.

  • Forms improvements
    We’re adding section headers to allow you to divide your form in sections and provide more information for your respondents within the form.

  • DOCX Import
    You can now import Word 2007 files (.docx) into Google Docs.

How To Enable Above Explained New Google Docs Features

1. Go to, login in with your username and password

2. Once you are logged in, you will see New Features link just on the left of your username at the top right of the page


3. Just in case, if you are not able to see this link then go to google docs settings under Settings >> Document Settings


4. Under Editing in google docs settings, you will need to check the box to enable the new google docs features


5. That’s it, you will now be able to access all the features mentioned above in new version of google docs just enabled. You can also read more google docs tips which we have written before.

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