TU Explains – How Does New Gmail Compose and Reply Feature Works

Google gmail team recently posted about a new feature coming soon in gmail which is called the new gmail compose and reply feature which they recently talked about some sneak peak in a blog post.

new compose feature in gmail

As they said in the blog post that this feature will be rolled out to all gmail users across the globe irrespective from where or which country you use gmail, we got this feature enabled some minutes ago in our gmail account and now in this post we will tell you how to enable or disable the new gmail compose feature and how to use it effectively.

How To Enable New Gmail Compose Feature

For this you just need to click the compose button or click any email id to compose a message and once you do this, you will see a link at the top center of the page with a link which allows you to try the new gmail compose feature.

Try new gmail compose

In case you don’t see this feature, either click on some email id in gmail to compose a new email, if you still don’t get the feature message to try, then you should wait and after some time it will automatically be rolled out to your account.

Once the new gmail compose feature is enabled, you will see a small pop up message window when ever you compose a new message, which allows you to write an email message within a small window and the new change you will see is that when you write a email message, you will be able to see all the emails arrived in your inbox.

new gmail compose feature

The new compose feature box, allows you to do everything which you used to do when you compose a new email – you can add an attachment, you can add an image etc.

Simple Image Guide To How New Compose Feature Works

New gmail compose feature working

Revert To Old Compose in Gmail

You can always revert to the old gmail compose feature from the new compose box any time by selecting the option as highlighted in the image below.

switch back to old compose

New Reply Gmail Feature

Once you enable the new compose feature, you will see the new reply feature as in action in gmail.

gmail reply options

Simple Image Guide To How New Reply Feature Works

quick new reply in gmail

You’ll also see some differences when replying to or forwarding messages. Most of the changes are similar to those that you’ll see when composing a brand new message.

One more thing to note, how to reach the formatting options – as it has been now located at the bottom of the new compose and reply box.

Formatting Bar moves to bottom in reply

Here are a few additional changes:

  • Recipients: To change who your message should be sent to, click into the recipient field when you’re replying.
  • Type of response: Click the arrow next to the recipient’s name to choose whether your message is a reply, reply all, or forward.
  • Subject: To change the subject of your message, click the arrow next to the recipient’s name and click “Start separate conversation.”
  • Respond inline: If you want to see the previous message within your reply, scroll down until you see the “Show trimmed content” icon and click it.


Both of the new compose and reply feature are designed on the lines of simplicity, so there are simplistic in nature providing the important feature set with simple UI, which many users will like but some options like formatting have become difficult to access as they have been located at the bottom of the reply box rather than being on the top.


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