New Features Review Introduced In New Version Of Google Docs

Google has recently rolled out some new changes to google docs, some of the most interesting features of the new version of Google docs are as follows.

  • Real time collaboration: See updates from other collaborators as they edit the document.
  • Higher-quality imports: More consistent imports from your desktop into Google Docs.
  • Chat with other collaborators: As you make your edits, you can chat with other document editors about the changes, from within the document.
  • Ruler: Google documents have a ruler for setting margins, indentations, and tab stops.

How Is New Google Docs Different?

You’ll probably notice that some features from the older version of Google documents aren’t available yet. Don’t worry: we’ll be adding a lot of them soon. These features from the previous version of Google documents, however, won’t be available in the new version:

  • Offline document access via Google Gears
  • Edit HTML
  • Edit CSS

Which version of google docs you are using?

An easy way to tell if you’re using the new version is if there’s a ruler above the editing space. (Just be sure the ruler is enabled from View > Show ruler)

Transitioning from the old version of Google Documents

Transitioning to the new version of Google Documents is as seamless as possible. While we believe that the new version has more to offer than the legacy editor, we’ve heard from certain users about specific functionality they miss from the older version. In these situations, we think specific workarounds can be helpful:

  • Full-screen mode: We’ve added some options to maximize your screen real-estate in the new version. You can remove certain toolbars and controls from the View menu by selecting Compact controls or Hide controls, which will hide the controls above the editing space.
  • Greater editing space: If you’re looking for even more space, it can also help to increase the editing space of your document. We encourage you to adjust the page settings if you’d like a larger editing space from File > Page setup (You may find the Landscape setting useful or the page size A4).
  • Hiding the ruler: If you find the ruler unnecessary, you can disable it from View > Show ruler.
  • HTML: We know that some users have used the older version of Google Documents as a lightweight HTML editor, especially for newsletters or to share with others. For this use, we encourage you to give Google Sites a try — which also allows easily sharing a group website.
  • Speed: The new editor is more computationally advanced and works best in browsers with fast javascript engines. If you’re looking for a fast browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

How do I upgrade my older documents to the new version?

You may have noticed that you can only create new documents in the new version; older documents that were first created in the legacy editor remain there. While you cannot currently upgrade older-style documents directly, you can certainly export and then re-import them into the new version. You can read this article for more details about that.

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