New Features In Facebook App For Android [Updated]

Hello Reader. Now in this news post I will be sharing a latest upgrade news related to Facebook and let me tell you that this news is not that small or digestible. As you might be knowing that Android is mostly liked cellphone OS now a days, so Facebook decided give an upgrade to its Facebook application for Android and successfully it has launched the upgraded version of that application for Android. In this news I will be telling you about the information related to the upgrade and the new feature which have been added as upgrade.


I hope that they must have started with Android and slowly – slowly they will move up to all the popular mobile OS like Windows Phone 7, Symbian 3 and iOS 3.0 or above. The new version developed by Facebook includes the grouped sharing now you can share any picture or a video with a group of friendly simultaneously, so you will not have to select each and every friend again and again, besides this you can go for sharing the places where you are, as you now that in mobile location based services are always available so Facebook will be using them and then you can share the exact location where you are with all the friends in your account.

Now with this version you will also be able to see the notification of an app and you will also be able to see the updates related to the selected application. Basically Facebook is trying to simplify the complexity of the tool and simultaneously it is trying to provide all the features which a user has when ever he or she accesses his or her account using the laptop or PC.

New Features In Updated Facebook App For Android

1. Groups: share posts with small groups of friends

2. Places: share where you are with friends, see where friends are, discover places nearby

3. Improved Notifications – view comments and updates within the app

4. Various bug fixes

So, from now onwards I will be waiting for a phone which would have been specifically designed for Facebook, its applications and its users, no need to worry as we will definitely be keeping you updated with all the upgradations and information related to this news and we will also be expecting your help if you manage to get any news related to it which has not been covered by us then please put that topic and related information in the comments section we will be glad to share it with all the other readers on your behalf. So, Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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