New Changes Facebook Image Theater Viewer Pop Up Window

Today I will be telling you about a new amendment which was observed on Facebook recently, it is related to the image viewer which was improvised recently. We all know that when this new improvisation was done related to the image viewer most of the users never liked this, just because of the black colored background on the image viewer. In this post I will tell you about the new changes which has been visualized recently on Facebook.


You can see the snapshot of this new image viewer, most of the users never wanted that new image viewer as that black background was very depressing as Facebook just wanted the users to see any image on Facebook without navigating form the page, the attempt was successful but then the design or I should the User-Interface was not attractive enough to satisfy the users. So, finally Facebook decided to change something in this new interface by removing that black background and replacing it with the whitish one.

I hope that this will be liked by the users, as now they will not roll back to the classic image viewer because they do not want the users to navigate from the current page. Till now this feature has not been rolled for all the users, it was just tested so some of the users managed to get this snapshot from their account. Let us see what will be their next step at least I will be fine if they go on with this new idea of white image viewer. So, you can just wait to watch the next change in your account. I hope it will be positive for you. I hope that this information will be useful to you, so please share it with your friends and please let us know about any question regarding this news. We will try our best to update it with the latest news feeds.

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