New Better Code To Add, Embed +1 Button On Your Blog or Website

With the advancement in technology day by day, various websites are trying to compete harder in the market by introducing new features to the users. Recently, one of such feature has been released by Google in the form of their “+1” Button that allows the user to share and will help in showing all the facts about the user that what the user like, what are his/her opinions to which he/she agree, or it may simply recommend it on the internet. When a user publish any article or tutorial in a form of blog and if +1 button is added to that blog then, user may recommend it for Google search by clicking on the “+1” button and whenever that article appears in search results, the name of the person who clicked on +1 button will appear below that article.

Not only this, but the user can also find out that which of the articles were read and liked by the user’s friends. Google has introduced and launched this new feature with an aim to make their search results on their website more appropriate and useful. On the other hand, it helps the bloggers in increasing the PR, relevancy and importance of their blogs. It is a fact that the more “+1” button is pressed for your blog the probabilities of your blog’s PR to improve will increase. It is because of one of the algorithm known as the PageRank algorithm which is linked with almost all the activities that takes place in the blog.


By adding this wonderful button i.e. the “+1” button to your pages, you can make your each blog a special one and it may become noticeable. As already mentioned, once your blog has received enough “+1” clicks then there is a possibility that whenever a signed-in Google user is searching for anything on the Google website then, your Google search result extract may be marked with all the names of the user’s connections who earlier gave positive response for your blogs by clicking the +1 button on your page.

Now let us see, how easily one can add this button to the blogs. For any of the blogs on the websites like “WordPress” the user simply has to place one additional tag in head part of the document. One of the alternative part to place the tag is just before the closing body tag. This below given tag has to be added.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

After this simply place this tag in the file where you want the +1 button to render.


In this way you can see how easily this button can be added and how useful it can be if you are a regular blogger. Add it and check it out.

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