NAVTEQ Taking Another Lead In Location Based Solutions With Global LBS Challenge

NAVTEQ is familiar to all of us and if you are not aware of it, then we must tell you that its the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising.

On April 29, 2010 this global leader had organized the 2010 the India edition of the 2010 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge competition and now the results have been declared for this.This leader is a major one and this could be estimated by the pool prize it offers for its Global LBS Challenge which is close to a mind boggling $10 Million.

For such a huge prize money the contenders in the competition were also very strong and the winner for this year is Eterno Infotech Pvt. Ltd which grabbed a whopping grand prize of $735,000(US) in cash along with data and tool licenses, and services and as you see its a substantial share of the $10 Million prize money.

  • Eterno Infotech Pvt. Ltd won this prize for NewsHunt-Local which is a location-aware mobile application incorporating local search and location-based advertising with information from India’s most popular mobile news services and most importantly in local languages.


  • Fisrt runner-up prize was given to MaxMobility Pvt. Ltd. for its Child Tracker system which is a GPS and RFID-based bus tracking and child safety solution for parents.


  • Genesys International Corp. Ltd was named the second runner-up for its GenesysGolf system which is a solution for GPS-enabled smartphones that eliminates the need for golfers to separately carry a range finder device.

The jury comprised of 13 eminent executives from companies including Aircel, Bharti Airtel Limited, deCarta, Digital Globe, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Helion Advisors Pvt. Ltd., HTC, Intel, Microsoft Bing Maps, Nokia, Samsung, Tanla and Vodafone and the panel was subjected to twelve applications which were to be evaluated by them.

Rich Shuman, senior vice president, Asia Pacific sales, NAVTEQ said ““This competition is about discovering innovative uses of location-based services and acting as a catalyst to grow LBS in places such as India where technology, entrepreneurship and innovation thrive.We are extremely pleased to hold a NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge competition dedicated to India for the first time, and are proud to add it to our list of innovative offerings aimed at the developer community around the world.”

Apart from the grand prize two special recognition awards were also presented by Global LBS Challenge sponsors for outstanding achievements in specific categories which were awarded to :-

  • Eterno Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for developing NewsHunt-Local which is the best app for use of Tanla License Manager, selected by global sponsor Tanla, and
  • Genesys International Corp. Ltd. for GenesysGolf for the Most Innovative Use of Graphics, selected by global award sponsor Imagination Technologies.

We hope that more such competitions should be organized in India and more developers should be encouraged to come up and show their potential.

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