Mute Phone, Use Camera, Missed Calls, New Messages Notifications On Android Phone Lock Screen

Android is the next big thing after the Apple’s iPhone. We are not comparing them in terms of the number of applications available but android is stepping up the ladder really fast and will soon account for an equal number of applications as for the iPhone. When it comes to customizing the lock screen, we have plenty of options for Android products.

The stock lock screen is really very cool and is still loved by people including me but as a rule we need to keep trying new things all the time. So far the best lock screen in terms of ease of accessibility that we have come across is the Live Locker lockscreen available on Android Market for free. The locksreen hardly occupies an MB of space and offers a host of features to access from the lockscreen itself.

Live Locker Android LockScreenLive Locker Android LockScreen1

The above image shows you the actual interface of the lock screen with a two small icons of a camera and a speaker on either sides near the top and four translucent bubbles and a sphere in the middle. Starting from the top bubble in the clockwise direction we have Messages, Phone, Unlock and Favourites. How to use these features? You just need to drag the sphere in the middle to your desired section.

For instance as shown in the second image above, I had to unlock my phone so I brought the sphere to the Unlock bubble at the bottom and released it. Similarly you can do for accessing the Dial pad or messages. The fourth bubble on the left is of Favorites where you can add the contacts of your choice to this list for a quick access. The application also notifies you of any missed calls and unread messages so if than you can open and see directly from the lock screen.

Live Locker Android LockScreen2Live Locker Android LockScreen3

Jumping to the icons of the camera and speaker on the top, on tapping the Camera one a bubbles pops up allowing you to access the camera and album or the gallery of your phone. Similarly on tapping the speaker on the left, it lets you to choose three different modes for your phone i.e Ringtone, Silent or Mute and Vibrate.

We believe it’s a must try lock screen and its quite feature packed as well. So why not try your hands on it by downloading it from the link provided below?

Live Locker Lock Screen – [Android Market]

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