Multiple Text Copy Paste In Mac OS X

There have been a lot of instances when I copy something, and forget to paste it. Later, I copy something else, and the data I copied gets overwritten by the freshly copied data.

Consider another scenario, you have to selectively copy parts of a document to another place, say another document or a website. To copy the different parts, you copy one part, switch to the other document/application, paste it, then return to the original document and repeat. This is a pretty tedious way to do a job, and is inefficient.

Clipboard History is a freeware app for Mac OS X that aims to solve the problems with the traditional clipboard management system that Mac OS X uses. It automatically indexes a pre-decided number of items copied to the clipboard and remembers them. In addition to remembering the copied content, it provides quick access to the last 10 copied items with convenient shortcuts (Cmd + 1,2,3…0).

The label next to each of the copied entry indicates its type: rich text, HTML, plaintext etc. This means that if there are images/links in selected portion that was copied, then Clipboard History saves them too, and will be pasted along with the textual data when you paste it.

You can also customize the number of copied elements that Clipboard History should remember. The default value is 6, but you can set it upto 50.

Download Clipboard History from the Mac App Store

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