Multiple Events Timer

Ten Timer is a simple multiple timer that can keep track of multiple times. This application is very easy to use and has addition of ten countdown timers. The timer resolution is one second.

It’s a portable application, so no need to install it. Download TenTimer from the link given at the end of the article, unzip it and then click on TenTimer.exe to open.


You can use labels of the timer you want to use. Click on the “►” to start the timer. If you want to reset that timer, click on “◄◄” to reset a timer to 00:00:00. You can start/stop and reset all ten timers at the same time by clicking on “▲” of its respected column. The one thing which makes this application useful from other timers is the presence of Hotkeys. With Hotkeys, you can start/stop or reset timers with the help of keyboard. By default, hotkeys of TenTimer are:

  • Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+0 will start/stop timers. For example, ctrl+1 will start/stop timer 1, ctrl+2 will start/stop timer 2 and so on.
  • Ctrl+alt+1 through Ctrl+alt+0 will reset a timer. For example, ctrl+alt+1 will reset timer 1, ctrl+alt+2 will reset timer 2 and so on.

You can also change the appearance of this application by changing its background and foreground colour. To change its colour, just follow these steps.

  • Go to Help menu and click on Contents. Now copy the following text as shown in figure.


  • Now go to TenTimer folder and open config.ini. Just paste the text which you copied in the previous step at the end of it and save config.ini.


  • Now restart TenTimer. You are done.


TenTimer is the easy to use timer and has very simple interface. The presence of Hotkeys make it even better from other timer.

Download TenTimer

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