Manage, Switch Multiple Windows Opened Together

It generally happens that when you search for something Google then you cannot resist opening huge number of browser windows on your system and this makes your work even more hasty and full of confusion. So, today we will be reviewing a tool which will allow to take care of the presentation of the windows on your screen and the name of this tool is Windows Manager.

When you will install this tool then you will neither see it on the tray nor you will find any icon on the desktop, so you may it find difficult to start this tool for the first time, so while installing it make sure that you remember the address path where the installed files will be saved. As for the first time you will have to go there and then launch the tool from the .EXE file stored at that location, you will have to manually create the shortcut icon for the desktop.



Now you can see the snapshot shown above in which you can see the four cubes, actually they are not just the cubes but it shows that the screen has been divided into 4 equal halves (this is the default number you can change it by going into settings and setting the number of blocks in horizontal direction and number of blocks in vertical direction). If you want to place the windows in a regular manner then just normally select that window by clicking on it and then click any of the squares. The window will be placed in that same part of the screen where you have placed it on the window available near the tray of that tool. For reaching this window of the tool you will have to select the snap option in the menu of that tool.

Below that option you will also see another option named as Move to center and this option will place your window in the middle of the application window. If you want to place your window in both the halves of the screen then the just click any half of the screen and then drag it to another half and in this way you screen will cover half of your screen.

The size of this freeware is around 500 Kb and it will take no time to get installed.Once installed you can easily use it as mentioned above in the review. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the version of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. So, use it and Enjoy!!!!

Download Window Manager

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