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It feels really annoying while aligning the images under a file. The image has to be resized again and again, when it has to be used. Many a times, it is very time consuming to shrink or to expand the images. There are also certain chances that the image gets blurred while trying to resize that image. But from now onwards, it will not be a problem anymore, as I have a freeware to review today, which can easily solve this problem and the name of this tool is PictureBarf.

This tool is basically used to resize the image and it can be done within few seconds by the help of two options: Name Adder and Scale Factor. The Name Adder is used to mention the name of the new image. For example, if the Name Adder is selected as “shrink” and the original image is named as “art”, the resized image will be named as “art.shrink”. The Scale Factor is used to mention the factor with which the image is changed.

This is small software of only 620 kb and it will not take long to get installed and a shortcut will be created on the desktop when the installation completes.


Now, you just need to drag the picture and drop it in the PictureBarf window. You have to select the Name Adder: barf, small, shrink. You can also mention any other of your choice. Now, select a value in the scale factor 8, 4, 2, 0.5, 0.25 and 0.125. The factor less than one is used to decrease the size whereas greater than one is used for the enlarging the image. Also, any other scale factor according to the requirement can be specified. It can decrease the size of image up to a very small point as will be specified. After the selections are made, click on “Chew”. The image will be processed very fast. By default, it will be saved at the location from where the image was dragged. But, if you want to save it at any other location, you can mention it in output column with the help of browse.


The above snapshot shows that the PictureBarf can work on many pictures simultaneously. And one of the good things about this is that even if the pictures are selected from various folders, the new pictures will be saved in their different original folders or if specified then at that particular location. There is also a clear option which helps to delete the list if it is not correctly selected.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows, as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download PictureBarf

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