MS Office 365 Will Move Office Docs In The Cloud

Microsoft has decided that soon it will be launching a cloud based product named as Microsoft Office 365. This part 365 shows that it will be available to you for all the 365 days in a year or I should sat that it will be there for you every time when you need it as now you will be able to access it through internet rather than installing on your system. This was a great initiative made by Microsoft as Microsoft Office President announced this to be launched on Tuesday. But the only problem is that it will launched only in 13 countries and 7 languages but India is not one of them, hope to see it soon.


Now we already know that this tool of Micro soft ids widely used by many firms in the present scenario and obviously most of them will be completely dependent on it. Their services will be as cheaper as 2$ per month which will only include email facility and it will go to 27$ per month which will include the access to all the products like word, powerpoint, excel, sharepoint and more similar applications.

If we carefully notice then we know that Microsoft Windows and Office are the two point which mark the major profits for Microsoft and if Microsoft has decided to make it available to everyone in different packages through internet then I think they have taken a huge as it will definitely reduce the cost for everyone to access that Office package which may reduce the company profits but still they hoped that it will increase the number of users using this product and if the number of users increase then the profits will again rise. Now lets see what will actually happen?

It was already decided with the launch of Microsoft Office 2010 that they will making it available online and hence this was the initiative attempted now. Google also goes for the same offer but they provide free access to all the public users and charge around 50$ per year for the business edition of these service popularly known as Google Labs. Now, I would say that it is a great initiative to provide for the users of Microsoft Office and I hope we will relish it as from now any document can edited easily even if we do not have Microsoft Office installed on it.

We will try our best to keep you updated with all the information related to Microsoft Office 365 and make sure that you are the one to know everything about it but you can also help us and other readers by providing any important news or information which has been shared yet, just put that down in the comments section. We will glad to share it. Have a nice Day!!! keep Reading.

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