Move Windows Position On Mac OS X Desktop Screen With Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a regular TechnixUpdate reader, then you might remember a tool that we reviewed a while ago, called BetterTouchTool, which allowed you to add a practically limitless amount of multi-touch gestures for your MacBook trackpad or Magic Trackpad. It also featured a binding that allowed you to snap windows to a particular position on the screen with a pre-defined multi-touch gesture.

The same developer has now come out with a product (which is still in early alpha stages) that is dedicated to this snapping feature that was initially a part of BetterTouchTool and it is called BetterSnapTool.

BetterSnapTool is a small app that has no presence on your system, it just runs as a service in the background, and you can control its preferences by a small icon in the status bar. This is configurable, and I highly appreciate that, because right now, my status bar is already overcrowded with too many applications and the last thing I want is another icon.

Nevertheless, BetterSnapTool provides a very specific functionality, and is good at that. It has 7 pre-defined snap positions: top-left, top, top-right, right, bottom-right, bottom-left.

To snap and resize an application according to any one of these positions, just drag it from the title bar and move it to the desired position. An animation (a black translucent shadow) then shows you how your window will be positioned or resized. The animation window is customizable and you can also toggle it off if you find it distracting. All these rules are general too all application windows that can be resized, but if you want to exclude a particular application from this resizing/snapping mechanism, you can do so by selecting an option in the menu drop down available from the BetterSnapTool status bar icon.

You can also set universal keybindings for each position, which makes it even more convenient for users who do not like removing their hands from the keyboard while working. Since all these shortcuts are global, you need to make sure that they don’t conflict with the shortcuts provided by any other application.

Overall, BetterSnapTool is a great little utility that makes your life a little more easier, and helps you focus on doing your work rather than keep arranging and resizing windows.

Download BetterSnapTool

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